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Phone: 907-895-4770 | Fax: 907-895-4346 | P.O. Box 1229 Delta Junction, AK 99737

Phone: 907-895-4770

Fax: 907-895-4346

931 Industrial Loop

Delta Junction, Alaska


Hasz Consulting Background and Capabilities

John Hasz, the founder and owner of the company, has more than 45 years experience in research, development and optimization of machines and processes. Our specialties include the solution of vibration and thermal related problems in industry and optimization of manufacturing processes.    

We provide service remotely via teleconference, net-meeting, or in a design capacity where our work does not require a site visit. We also provide on-site troubleshooting and problem solving both domestically and internationally.

Our company has access to vibration dampening technology, which was developed at Cincinnati Milacron. To our knowledge, we are the only company with access to this highly effective technology and it frequently enables us to solve problems that others have been unable to resolve. When used effectively, damping is an extremely effective way to improve the vibration characteristics to a new level and open up new possibilities in machine utilization.

We employ state-of-the-art Finite Element Analysis (FEA) software which, when coupled with our engineering knowledge of structures and machines, allows us to assist clients with the design of machine structures and their foundations.

In several recent projects we have used the Design of Experiments (D.O.E.) method in optimizing manufacturing processes.   This method finds optimum operating parameters that cannot be found using the classical one-variable-at-a-time method.

On-site lectures are developed to address each client's needs.  We specialize in engineering design of structures and grinding theory and practice.  This includes all types of grinding, wheels, coolants, grinding wheel dressing, and processes.

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