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Vibration Analysis

FFT analyzers are used to measure the dynamic characteristics of structures. Our advanced testing methods pin point the exact causes of vibration related problems. Our full line of accelerometers, capacitance and velocity probes, impact hammers, electro-dynamic and hydraulic exciters coupled with our computer based software allow us to measure vibration modes in machinery and plot their mode shapes for a clear understanding of the problem. With this knowledge a design modification can be implemented.

Advanced Damping Techniques

We possess the advanced technology of tuned damped vibration absorbers. These dampers allow us to improve the damping characteristics of the structure in many cases many fold. In many cases this is the most efficient way to improve the dynamic stiffness of the structure with sufficient magnitude to completely solve the troublesome vibration problem. At the same time this may open up new avenues of process improvement that were not possible previously.

Through detailed analysis of the machine structure it is often possible to improve the damping in the structure through the use of squeeze film damping techniques. This method has been used successfully many times and yields improvements at all frequencies.

Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

Finite Element Analysis (FEA) is a computer algorithm that allows the designer to build a complicated structure using mathematically defined building blocks. These blocks, when properly arrayed, form the desired structure. This powerful technique is used for foundation design, spindle design, and machine design.

Foundation Design

We have extensive experience in the design of machine tool foundations. These designs include vibration isolation, machine support rigidity and machine alignment considerations. Moving loads as well as rotating machine vibrations can be included. Even simulated earthquakes can be investigated.

Design of Experiments (DOE)

Many manufacturing systems do not operate at their maximum efficiency because the optimization techniques employed do not guarantee that an optimum solution has been achieved. Design of Experiments eliminates this problem by taking into consideration all possible interactions between variables. Processes can frequently be improved through the use of this powerful technology.

Thermal Analysis of Machine Tools

It has been our experience that deflections in machining can be affected by temperature changes more severely than by other errors in the machine. These are called thermal errors. Our analytical techniques can show the significance of these errors and what to do about them to improve the accuracy of the machine.

Grinding Theory and Optimization

We have significant knowledge in precision grinding including both theoretical and practical considerations. Hasz Consulting Co. can assist you in selecting grinding wheels, coolants, coolant application, dressing methods and grinding processes. Our expertise extends through the entire field of grinding including center-type, centerless and internal grinding processes.

Noise Abatement

In today's industrial climate, noise intensity can be a difficult problem to resolve. HCC has the tools to study and solve many noise problems. These can be tackled by solving the source or containing the noise through isolation.

On-Site Classes

We develop lectures for clients in the area of machine design and grinding theory and grinding practice. This includes all types of grinding processes, grinding wheels, dressing methods and process optimization. Vibration troubleshooting methods are also available to assist your operators, foremen, and engineers with simple methods to identify commonly occurring manufacturing problems.